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5WG1152-1AB01 KNX IP Control Center N152

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Type: SIEMENS 5WG1152-1AB01 KNX IP Control Center N152

EAN: 7612914095947

A visualization driver for fully graphical visualizations on web-enabled devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones with a standard web browser.
For communication between KNX devices and a PC and in connection with a LAN/WLAN modem or DSL router for remote access to the KNX installation, for use as an interface for ETS 3/4/5 and as an interface for visualization, using the KNX/IP protocol with the following functions, which can be used simultaneously:

- Web server for operation and monitoring of up to 1250 states and values transmitted via the KNX network, which can be viewed on PCs, tablets or smartphones connected to the IP network using a standard browser
- Dedicated firmware update website
- Graphical web editor to create a fully graphical visualization with control and display elements, configurable in different styles
- A smart editor for creating visualizations with controls and displays that adapts to mobile browsers, smartphones, tablets and can be configured in different styles and layouts
- Seasonal timer with astronomical calendar for 300 schedules with up to 30 timer commands per schedule
- Scene module with up to 5000 scenes or events
- Graph module for recording and displaying up to 10 data points
- Monitoring module for monitoring and storing up to 1000 events in the buffer memory
- IP interface for controlling up to 20 IP devices through up to 20 TCP/UDP commands in each
- Fully graphical logic module with up to 1000 logic functions
- Alarm function for up to 250 different alarms
- Email function with up to 20 contacts to send data from chart module, monitoring module, alarm module
- Ethernet interface 10/100 Mbit/s with RJ45 socket for connection to an IP network using the Internet protocol
- 2 LED indicators for IP connection/communication and for error messages
- Integrated bus coupler, bus connection via bus terminal
- Powering the electronics via an external voltage source for AC/DC 24 V, 50 mA
- Modular device for mounting on TH35 DIN EN 60715 mounting rail (4 modules)

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